Comment modifier la numérotation des pages ?

* Il faut modifier la commande \thepage. Exemple (P. van Oostrum) : \documentclass{report} \usepackage{french} \makeatletter \renewcommand{\thepage}{\thechapter-\arabic{page}} % chapter-page numbering \@addtoreset{page}{chapter} % reset page number when chapter is stepped % The next magic makes the page counter be reset to one rather % than zero \def\@stpelt#1{\global\csname c@#1\endcsname \expandafter\ifx \csname#1\endcsname \page \@ne \else \z@ \fi} \makeatother \begin{document} \chapter{Introduction} Texte. \end{document} %%%% fin exemple %%%% * Il existe également le package ci-dessous de A. Kielhorn. %%%% debut macro %%%% %% %% This is page-per-chapter-package %% version 2.0 %% %% Don't use it with refrep! %% Refrep has these commands already implemented %% %% This version forces openright!! %% %% Index-commands should work in chapters and appedices, %% they will not work as expected in the preface when the %% pagenumbering is not arabic. (MakeIndex can't sort roman- %% numbers) %% %% Bugs: %% The index is sortet according to the pagenumber %% without looking at the chapternumber. %% I don't think MakeIndex could handle that. %% \NeedsTeXFormat{LaTeX2e} \ProvidesPackage{pagepc}[1995/05/13] \@ifundefined{chapter} {\PackageError{pagepc}{% You can't number your pages per chapter\MessageBreak when you have no chapters }{% Use ``report'' or ``book'' instead. } }% {} %% Reset the pagecounter to 1 at the start of a new chapter %% \let\ppchapter=\@chapter \def\@chapter{\if@pageperchapter\setcounter{page}{1}\fi \ppchapter} %% Force a pagebreak at the start of the appendix, otherwise %% the number of the page right before the appendix comes %% out wrong %% \let\ppappendix=\appendix \def\appendix{\if@pageperchapter\newpage\fi\ppappendix} \newif\if@pageperchapter \@pageperchapterfalse %% This command enables Page-per-Chapter, it is *not* on by %% default to allow roman pagenumbers in the preface %% (see sample-document) %% \newcommand{\pageperchapter} {\@pageperchaptertrue \@openrighttrue % Remember old setting for chapter 0 = preface \let\ppthepage=\thepage % The new number needs more space \renewcommand\ at pnumwidth{2.55em} % Here it comes :-) \renewcommand\thepage{% \ifnum \c@chapter = \z@ \ppthepage \else \thechapter\ -- \arabic{page} \fi } } %% This is a hack to make MakeIndex happy :-( %% You can't use the |-form of an indexentry because %% it is used to store the chapternumber. %% \def\@wrindex#1{% \ifnum \c@chapter = \z@ \protected@write\@indexfile{}% {\string\indexentry{#1}{\arabic{page}}}% % The above is wrong if pagenumbering!=arabic, % but I think this is better than nothing. \else \protected@write\@indexfile{}% {\string\indexentry{#1|ppc{\thechapter}}{\arabic{page}}}% \fi \endgroup \@esphack } %% This prints the pagenumber in the index %% \def\ppc#1#2{#1 -- #2} \endinput %%%% fin macro %%%% * Pour changer la valeur du compteur de page, il suffit d'utiliser : \setcounter{page}{17}.